Lend the Trend

Branding, User Interface, Website Design

Lend the Trend is an online dress rental platform that brings the perfect dress right to your door.

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The Brief The client approached us with a challenge: create a platform that is straightforward, intuitive, and easy to use, despite having a huge wide variety of options. Not only that, we also had to create a unique experience visually, that should be memorable and have a dash of fun.
The Solution When creating the brand we designed it to be feminine, empowering and easy to love and understand. For the web design, we had to infuse all these attributes into the platform itself. Lend the Trend is all about simplifying the dress rental process, which meant making the online platform simple to use as well. Every element in the design is meant to create an intuitive experience for the user.

From the Home to the Contact page, the user understands the brand and the process perfectly so that nothing can stand between them and the perfect dress.
Credits Creative: Manuel Llaguno, Mercedes Arce
Project Manager: Paulina Zaragoza
Copywriting: Andrea Mora
Tags Mexico, Fashion, UI/UX, Startup, Print, App Design
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Bernardo GuerraFounder Indumex
Cliente: Lend the Trend Work: Technology

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