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A moment of harmony that can only be achieved through the experience of drinking a fine tea.

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The Brief Ankori is a house of tea inspired by a moment of harmony that can only be achieved through the experience of drinking a fine tea. It acknowledges tea as that emotion of calm and tranquility. Ankori is guided by serenity, mysticism, and reflection. It is devoted to promoting tea culture, through the creation and distribution of tea and related products, as well as the design and implementation of workshops and tea tastings.
The Solution The objective was to create a brand that would reflect the connection between humans and nature with tea as the means. The path of cultivating tea served as our inspiration. We followed the process, from the tea's inception in the mountains where the ingredients are blossoming, to the blending of herbs and mastering the brewing of the tea. We wanted the brand to transmit spirituality through organic shapes that flow in peaceful atmospheres.

Ankori’s emblem takes from the flower Camellia Sinensis, which leaves are used to produce tea and the K that holds together Ankori. The typographical elements of the brand are aligned vertically, following common practices in Asian writing and symbols.

A visual system for the packaging was developed using Chinese ink textures and different combinations of color, it also incorporates alphanumerical codes that identify each product.
Credits Diseñador: Manuel Llaguno
Project Manager: Paulina Zaragoza
Copywriting: Andrea de la Mora
Tags Tea, Tranquility, Packaging, Harmony
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Cliente: Ankori Work: Food & Drink

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