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Café Azúcar Morena is a local coffee shop that wants to make your whole routine the best part of your day. With a good cup of coffee, ofcourse.

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The Brief In everyday life, you need things to be simple. The routine never stops. You have your work, your responsibilities, and unforeseen events. The last thing you want or need is
something over complicated. But simple and quotidian don't have to be synonymous with boring or monotonous.

On the contrary, a small daily ritual will propel you through the rest of the day, to complete each task with energy.

Café Azúcar Morena is here for those whose ritual is a good cup of coffee, a drink that to refresh you in the middle of the day or something sweet to motivate you to keep the routine going strong.

Because the routine never stops, so neither does CAM. They adapt to your routine so you always have time to give yourself the treat you love and deserve. From sunrise to sunset, always giving you the warmth, energy and flavor of a real good coffee

Celebrate the everyday.
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Credits Lead Designer: Sara Alarcón
Lead Copywriter: Andrea De La Mora
Project Manager: Elvy Villaescusa
Tags Packaging, Copywriting, Brand Identity.
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Sofía OropezaProject Director
Cliente: Café Azúcar Morena Work: Food & Drink

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