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Punto Code is an online coding school for kids and teens.

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The Brief It is specially designed for kids and teens who are curious about technology and eager to learn the art of coding. When you're young the world is full of wonder, and it's that wonder that makes it the perfect moment in life to learn. Coding is a new world in and of itself. Learning to code not only prepares kids for future opportunities but also enhances their cognitive abilities, creativity, and confidence in using technology to create positive change.
We created a brand where coding breaks out of its usual box and becomes a fun and colorful universe. We wanted to get students to feel the brand, not as a school, but as a place where everything is possible.
Punto Code's goal is to nurture creativity, problem-solving abilities, and critical thinking skills in their students. By exploring the endless possibilities of coding, they will unlock their potential to innovate and create technology that shapes the future.
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