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Greenprint provides sustainable alternatives for the food packaging industry by giving waste a second chance.

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The Brief The world is in constant transformation, and while we want to help it evolve, we also need to take care of it. Naturally, we all want to take part in creating a healthier world, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Big changes start small, and how much they last depends on their sustainability. Many industries are looking into new ways to create sustainable products that, while still functional, turn away from substances that hurt the environment. The packaging industry is no exception, and Greenprint is here to lead the way.

Greenprint is a transparent, unique, and resourceful brand that uses biofading technology to create food service products designed to fade away instead of becoming waste. They use materials like agave and sugar cane to offer a sustainable alternative to plastic. They give waste a second life, bringing you food service products that help you help the world.
The Solution Making this brand was eye-opening. From their technology to their mission, it’s all about purpose, transparency, and transformation in favor of the planet and its people. We wanted to create a brand that inspired people to keep evolving towards healthier, purposeful ways of consuming this type of product.

The wordmark is modern yet accessible and friendly. We wanted a readable design that conveyed the personality of the brand and gave off a positive feeling. Along with it, we wanted a smart and eye-catching logo that represented the process of transformation that Greenprint offers through its technology. The packaging contains all the information about the product effectively and stylishly, with a bold and warm type display that stands out from the rest.

With all these elements coming together, we have a brand that is smart, bold, and forward-thinking. It spreads the purpose of a healthier world bringing something new to the table, quite literally. We cannot wait to see more of them.
Credits Designer: Mercedes Arce
Copywriter: Andrea De La Mora
Project Manager: Paulina Robles
Tags Packaging, web design, illustration.
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Sofía OropezaProject Director
Cliente: Greenprint Work: Consumer

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