Boundary Road Food Market

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Boundary Road is a modern-day Food Hall in Accra, Ghana, created for people to come together and celebrate life with good food.

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The Brief Creating unique experiences to share with others is part of what makes us human. We have always found places to come together to celebrate, tell each other stories, and share a meal. Food is a big part of our best moments in life. It’s there for community and celebration. It is a treasure each culture holds and shares, with a history that is unique to it.

At Boundary Road, we want to share this treasure with everyone. It is a place created so people can come together and discover new experiences. Somewhere you can meet old friends, new friends, loved ones, and strangers surrounded by the culinary jewels of the world.

Boundary Road exists to reunite people and to remind us that the experiences we live together are the experiences that matter the most.
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