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Nubo is a no-stress foam mattress that comes in a box full of dreams.

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The Brief Today, life is busier than ever. We all have jobs, routines and responsibilities to fulfill. With so much going on every single day, we're always waiting for that moment at the end of the day when we can finally have a good and well-deserved rest.

Nubo is designed to help you find the balance in your life and helps you sleep up to your full potential. Every good night's sleep is our chance to rest and recharge and be ready to seize the day, everyday. With Nubo, it's Sunday morning every morning.
The Solution For the brand, we wanted to create something that felt magical and balanced. We wanted to create a brand that made you feel rested simply by looking at it. We created a set of surrealistic illustrations that embody a sweet dream and symbols of a good night's sleep.

The pattern is also a representation of another symbol of sleep: sleep cycles. Every halo is an ongoing phase of a sleep cycle and the colors represent the vivid and peaceful dreams that we get at night, especially when sleeping in a Nubo bed.

Nubo is a mattress that unfolds from a box, so packaging played a big role in the design. Getting any package is exciting but we wanted to make Nubo a package that could bring tears to your eyes. Each face of the box showcases an element of the brand that continuously tells a story. The brand voice is essential to bring life to the packaging and the overall brand with its fun and whimsical tone and messaging.
Credits Creative: Sofía Carrington, Manuel Llaguno, Sara Alarcón
Copywriting: Andrea De La Mora
Illustration: Gerardo Alba
Project Manager: Paulina Robles
Tags Sleep, mattress, bed, packaging.
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