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Wollef is a savvy investment fund in Latin America that is always on the hunt for the next big fish.

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The Brief To invest, you need to have an innate instinct. Knowing where, when, and how is a skill only a few can master. Having this unique vision is necessary to anticipate excellence. Wollef has a trained eye to identify the projects that can change the game. Success stands out and Wollef always knows where to turn.
The Solution When designing the brand we were inspired by the strength and support that the company offers to the entrepreneurs they work with. The name Wollef is derived from the word 'wolf', which inspires the instinctive and savvy way in which they invest.

Naturally, the brand is deeply inspired by the wolf and its ways. The mark depicts the physical representation of the wolf while the wordmark showcases its strength and power.

Inspired by instinct and vision, the brand system was created to be slick, sexy, and powerful. We designed a grid system to simplify the correct use of the brand assets and structure. Along the same line, a variety of modular patterns help to represent the instinctive ability to anticipate great projects that Wollef is known for.

Overall, we created a strong brand that is professional yet cutting-edge, just like the ideas they help come to life.
Credits Creative: Manuel Llaguno
Copywriting: Andrea De La Mora
Project Manager: Paulina Robles
Tags Venture Capital, Entrepreneurs, UI/UX, Startup
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