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Semana Tec is a unique opportunity for students to truly experience their chosen professional field, working in real case scenarios.

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The Brief Semana Tec is a groundbreaking initiative from the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey. The university knows that there is no better way of learning than doing, so they have planned three special weeks for each semester where the students can develop themselves as leaders with an entrepreneurial spirit, empathy, and competitiveness.

During these specific weeks, students get immersed in professional or extracurricular activities in the professional field of their choosing. These experiences not only strengthen their graduation profile and prepares them for professional life, but also deepen their skills in the discipline they have chosen and help them develop transversal skills (such as communication, self-management, social skills, etc.)
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Credits Tags Graphic design, Branding, Icon Design
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Sofía OropezaProject Director
Cliente: Tecnológico de Monterrey Work: Technology

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