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Maraca is a proud Mexican brand that makes tasty cold brew coffee for on-the-go coffee lovers.

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The Brief Every once in a while, we need a jolt of energy to keep us moving. Hot coffee, while delicious, can sometimes be quite a hassle. Cold brew is the perfect ally for those who are always moving. Maraca is here to brew together the lively and colorful mexican culture with the captivating taste and jolt of a cold brew.
The Solution Inspired by movement and energy, they chose the name Maraca to go with the perfect colorful and vivacious identity. Their tagline Activamente Activo, which means actively active, is the brand's heart & promise.

We wanted to give the brand a playful and imperfect feel that reflects in the roughness of the wordmark variations. We created a fun and carefree brand that makes you want to jump up and go.
Credits Creative: Mercedes Arce, Astrid Martínez
Copywriting: Andrea De La Mora
Project Manager: Paulina Zaragoza
Tags Coffee, Packaging,Branding
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Cliente: Maraca Work: Food & Drink

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