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Maya is a luxury resort hidden in the sands of time of Zanzibar. 

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The Brief We have all wanted to stop time at some point in our lives. To freeze the picture on a special moment and be able to live in it forever. Those are the moments we go back to and love to remember. 

Today is a gift, nature, and life are always in the present. But sometimes, the present goes so fast that is hard to remember to embrace it. 

Maya is a place to celebrate the now and being in the moment. Through connection to nature, mind, and body, we honor everything we can do and enjoy. It is a place deep in the greenery to release & recharge simultaneously. 

Maya is about feeling the timeless bliss of a natural state beyond time. Here you can go against the norm, go against the clock. 

Rest, celebrate, find balance, recharge, and the next day do it all over again. Here, time is yours. 
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Credits Lead Designer: Catalina Hinojosa
Lead Copywriter: Andrea De La Mora
Project Manager: Elvy Villaescusa
Tags Brand Strategy, Copywriting, Brand Identity.
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Sofía OropezaProject Director
Cliente: Maya Work: Consumer

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