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Rilo is a Largemouth Bass stock and distribution company that knows and respects nature

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The Brief Largemouth Bass fishing is one of the most exhilarating and popular outside sports in the world. Known to be one of the toughest fish to catch, its species is strong, feisty, and never backs down. To be a true angler, you have to be quick, fearless and prepared to capture what is yours. Rilo offers the opportunity to step up to the challenge and become a professional angler on your own ranch.
The Solution For the brand, we had to design an active identity that matched the wild spirit of LMB. We created an exciting yet professional brand that is ready to challenge the world of fishing.

The mark is cleverly made out of two simple fish shapes that when connected create the letter "R" to represent Rilo's name and essence.

Since fishing is one of the most popular outdoor sports in the world, which can only mean it has a huge fan base. Wearing a badge from your favorite brands, teams, and even sponsors is a fashion statement. Creating an iconic and ownable set of badges was important to create community and also an homage to a community behavior.
Credits Creative: Manuel Llaguno
Graphic Designers: Sofía Carrington, Sara Alarcón
Copywriting: Andrea De La Mora
Project Manager: Paulina Zaragoza
Tags Fishing, Branding, Packaging, Illustrations
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Cliente: Rilo Work: Consumer

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