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Commons Botanicals is a line of adaptogen blends and powders that heal and improve humans with the magical power of nature.

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The Brief Commons has the task of improving humanity with healthy, additive-free, organic, and innovative foods that reconnect with what we had in common with nature. Its mission is to improve health, create harmony and generate well-being for the people who consume its products.

Adaptogens are plant substances that strengthen our body's resiliance.
A healthy body equals balance. Adaptogens help the body adapt to different internal and external situations such as stress, indigestion, fatigue, and many other common ailments. In a few words, adaptogens help us feel and be better.
The Solution In the making of this brand line we wanted to create a different ambiance that reflects the natural benefits of adaptogens while keeping in mind the original Commons brand. We wanted to show case the heroes that produce these magical properties: mushrooms and fungi. We created a beautiful set of illustrations that bring nature to the table. A bright array of colors make the brand a happy and lively one, just like people feel when they consume Commons.
Credits Creative: Mercedes Arce
Project Manager: Paulina Robles
Tags Health, packaging, natural.
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Sofía OropezaProject Director
Cliente: Commons Botanicals Work: Consumer

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