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Grubpak is a foodservice packaging manufacturer that knows how to think outside the box by thinking about the box.

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The Brief The food delivery industry and the apps that come with it have become part of our lifestyle. When we order from delivery apps, we expect to receive the same quality we see at restaurants in what we get delivered at home. Naturally, we're always thinking about the food, but we never stop and think about what gets our delicious meals safely home: The box. The package it comes in plays the most important role in maintaining the restaurant-quality through the journey home. Every kind of cuisine has its own unique needs in packaging, and Grubpak has a box for each and every one of them.

Grubpak creates innovative, high-quality packaging that makes restaurants and their food look good. Heat-proof, tamper-proof, reinforced, whatever you may need, Grubpak has a box built to fit your food.
The Solution When creating the brand, we wanted the overall feeling to fit into the food industry but still shine a light on the innovative soul of Grubpak.

We designed a modular Grid system and grid pattern than elevate the brand in any application. The Grid is inspired by box cut-out layouts and the way boxes look when you lay them flat and completely open. There are many boxes with different layouts in Grubpak's roster, so we figured the grid and pattern should also have infinite configurations and uses.

Overall, this brand is a testament that you can make a B2B brand and make it look fresh and innovative. It's modularity in the brand resembles their business model, so their identity can always come through in any of their designs.
Credits Creative: Mercedes Arce
Copywriting: Andrea De La Mora
Project Manager: Paulina Robles
Tags Packaging, food service, consumer.
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