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Montérrez is the first wine made in Nuevo León, MX, crafted for family and legacy.

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The Brief While there are many regions in Mexico where wine-making thrives, the state of Nuevo León has never been one of them. Until now. A great family ventured forward to find a land that had what it took to become a fine vineyard. The Gutiérrez family believes in fortune, but above all, they believe that with great effort you can change your fortune and make yourself lucky.

Montérrez was born under this banner of fearlessness and hard work. It has broken barriers and become a legacy for this family and for this land. Montérrez is for the ones who want to bring luck to their table and are never afraid to go for adventure.
The Solution This was a challenge we were ready for and had the pleasure of visiting the land of Montérrez and all its beauty. When we were there we found the vineyard to be majestic at the base of incredible mountains. We were also enthralled by all the natural magic that we could see. We were inspired by the natural lagoons, the horses, the birds, the cattle, flowers, and plants, and couldn't help ourselves to make them the focal point of the brand label.

The design is elegant at its core. We created a wordmark worthy of such a land and family, taking in all its strength and beauty into an iconic logo. Our partnership with Gerardo Alba for the wide range of illustrations was the true heart of each label. Every grape strain has its own unique illustration to represent it, so when consumers find their favorite among all the decks of flavors, they can always seek out their character.

When it was all set and done, the Gutiérrez family fell in love with the label, as did we. Montérrez is now an icon of Mexican wine, and we were fortunate enough to be a part of it.
Credits Creative Director: Manuel Llaguno
Lead Designer: Victor Escobar
Lead Copywriter: Andrea De La Mora
Project Manager: Elvy Villaescusa
Illustrator: Gerardo Alba
Tags Packaging, Copywriting, Branding
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Cliente: Montérrez Work: Food & Drink

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