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Clarente is an online platform that simplifies the complicated world of insurance.

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The Brief Clarente is an online platform that simplifies the complicated world of insurance. There are some things they don't teach you at school, handling your insurance is one of them. We work hard all of our lives to get the things that make us happy. Your first home, your loving pet, and even your perfect health. All of these things that we work so hard for need to be kept safe, but where do we even start?
The Solution Clarente gives you a starting point in understanding insurance. It simplifies all the complex information and gives you just what you need to keep what you love insured. Insurance was never better or clearer.

Now you're ready to live your life fully knowing that Clarente's got your back.

The mark was created to bring insurance into the digital world. When we think of insurance we think of paperwork and files, and though they can sound quite boring, we thought it was kind of poetic to include them in the evolution of insurance. From this idea, we morphed the files into an abstract C to infuse the brand into the mark in a subtle way.

For Clarente we were thinking digital, but sometimes digital can be a little cold. We needed to bring an element that would give the brand life. After all, Clarente wants you to live your life care-free. We created a set of fun and quirky illustrations that portray the most joyful moments of life.

Inspired by the new paperless method, we created a set of icons using irony as the main influence. We used paper in its different forms; money, post-its, notebooks, and even origami. Using paper as the idea for the icons is a little ode to the old ways while welcoming the new ways.
Credits Creative: Sofia Carrington, Manuel Llaguno, Sara Alarcón
Project Manager: Paulina Robles
Copywriting: Andrea Mora
Tags Diseño Web, User Interface, UI / UX, App Design, Insurance
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