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Health Nag is a natural health platform run by a woman who nags because she cares.

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The Brief Health Nag is a natural health platform run by a woman who nags because she cares. It's a no sugar coating, tough love place to learn about living a healthier lifestyle and giving your body some love. Somehow, we have come to believe that health is an unreachable goal. We’ve been programmed to think that health is only acquired by pushing our bodies to their limit, which leaves us and our spirits with almost no energy for life. Health Nag is here to show the world that health is much, much more than that.
The Solution The platform is all about being real and straightforward about health information. We wanted to create a brand where we could match the founder's lively personality but still be professional and credible. The heart of the platform is to nag about myths and fads in the health world and find better ways to healthy living. From this, we created the iconic mouth that is the mark for the brand that embodies the loud and proud voice of Health Nag.

We collaborated on a set of illustrations that reveals the many faces and quirks of the Health Nag. These illustrations are highly modular and mobile which allows them to be used in different situations and applications. In the packaging, we see the illustrations used as a part of the overall system we created. This system makes the packaging and brand cohesive and also makes information easier to digest.

Being an outspoken brand, it needed a brand voice to match the intensity and personality. The messaging is bold, direct, candid yet fun, and sticky to keep things light. The founder's personality oozes in every message and every word is just a beautiful slap in the face.
Credits Creative: Mercedes Arce
Copywriting: Andrea De La Mora
Illustration: Gerardo Alba
Project Manager: Paulina Robles
Tags Health, natural, packaging, illustration.
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