Unicredix offers financial products of high impact, encouraging its customers to improve their quality of life. It was founded in 2009 with the purpose of contributing to the objective of financial inclusion in Mexico. Unicredix is present in six different states, providing access to credits that enable the development of personal and household economies in secluded sectors.




Banking / Finance




Unicredix meets Firmalt

The environment that surrounds banks and financial institutions is very corporate, and frequently intimidating to its market. In order to differentiate, we developed an identity that removes all seriousness and talks straight to its clients. Unicredix transmits the idea that everything is going to be alright, as depicted in its logo, a smiley face. We want people to feel safe in Unicredix, and invite them to accomplish their goals. 

We are your best ally

Branding Proposal

We developed a pretty straight forward identity, that feels fresh and casual. The emblem is derived from the “U” and “C” present in the name, and is cleverly turned into a smile. The use of typography is purposely limited to one typographic family, continuing the no complications approach. As for the color palette, we noticed banks and financial institutions usually stick to one bright color. Unicredix stands out with its various hues, alluding to its refreshing proposal to the market.