Sultán Barbón

Sultán Barbón is an online platform devoted to the supply of grooming products. They have different lines - shaving, barber supplies, hair products, razors, brushes, among others. They are the number one supplier for barber shops in Mexico, with over 400 products in stock.
The name is a direct translation of Bearded Sultan, which comes from the nickname of one of the founders. It was originated due to his resemblance to an Arab sultan, and his long beard.








Branding Concept

We took the Sultán Barbón’s renown in the industry and built a character that depicts an expert guru, ready to let you into the world of grooming. The branding universe plays inside this world, with optical illusion patterns that trick the mind, just as a magic crystal ball would. We recreated a graphic sense of hypnotizing, to captivate the user. The result is a playful aesthetic, with a bright color palette that differs from your every day barber shop.

Brand Personality

The first barber shop owned by the Sultán was located in an urban neighborhood. It was important for us to honor these roots and translate them to the brand’s voice. Sultan Barbon speaks to all men - regardless of their age, preferences, or socioeconomic status. He is the “barber of barbers” because of the mastery of skills he has acquired through years of experience. Wise man as he is, his advice is valuable not only in the grooming subject, but in life in general.