Simply Mithai

Simply Mithai is a halal bakery located in Chicago, dedicated to providing beautifully refined desserts for everyone. As a family of chocolatiers, sugar and spice run through their veins and their stunning creations. Simply Mithai mixes the beautiful tradition of Indian Mithai desserts with the art of chocolate. Because this bakery is so artistic, we wanted the brand to be elegant and sophisticated. The brand is all about the fusion of culture and different elements. The wordmark is inspired by Indian calligraphy and the endless connections from one letter to another. Sticking with the idea of fusion and mixture, we blended several types in different weights and sizes to keep the brand playful yet elegant. We added literal splashes of color inspired by the crystal composition of sugar and the many organic shapes it can take. In the end, we achieved a poised brand that stays true to their roots and to their future.


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