Rrëy is a Mexican beer, crafted in the city of Monterrey. It was born with the promise of revolutionizing the beer industry in Mexico, offering an alternative to common lager and stout beers. The first Rrëy was born in February of 2016, after elaborate testing. The first edition is a Kolsch beer, traditionally from Cologne, and brewed to perfection as per the German tradition. Shortly after, the London edition announced its debut, further infatuating the Mexican market.




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Brand Inspiration

The concept developed from the idea of celebration. The emblem takes from the phrase “Kings to you”, from The Count of Monte Cristo, where the king is offered a chess piece as a symbol of recognition. The logo hints at chess' checkmate - an icon of success.

The Rrey name derives from the word King in spanish, with an extra “r”, alluding to the place where the beer is crafted - Monterrey. The wordmark resembles traditional German typography, with the umlaut in the “e”. The brand is the perfect blend of the beer's local roots and its German background.  

Brand Personality

The color palette aims to debunk common beliefs that craft beers are rich and heavy. White resembles the light flavor of Rrëy, and differentiates it from other craft beers. Red and gold are the accent colors, taken from royal objects like capes, crowns, and carpets.  

The brand voice is easy going and fun, inviting listeners to treat themselves as kings everyday. Any occasion is perfect to celebrate and have a Rrëy.

Photography by Firmalt and Uno Sesenta Estudios.