Premaco is a Mexican company established in 1991 dedicated to the manufacture and application of asphalt concrete. Their production capacity rises to 600,000 tons of concrete. Having 100% pollution control in their plant, Premaco strives to maintain compliance with all international specifications, in terms of quality and environmental protection. Top quality concrete and service, together with their over 20 years of experience, makes Premaco the leader asphalt concrete producer in northeastern Mexico. 








Premaco meets Firmalt

When we first met the Premaco team, we recognised that their brand did not resonate with their culture, and was not conveying their key advantages over the competition. With innovation at the heart of the Premaco, our task was to communicate this and all their values effectively in a clear and consistent matter, without destroying a brand that had 20 years in the market.

Graphically the design is all about about presenting clear and strong messages revolving around the idea of “service you can trust”. With so many years of experience under its belt, Premaco knows how to do it right.

Paving the road to a better future

Our Approach

The new logotype quite literally presents a new perspective of the old version. The mark incorporates the symbol of a drop, a common reference to concrete within the industry. The new typography has a friendlier and more straight-forward approach, while maintaining professionalism in its communications. 

Overall, Premaco’s new identity communicates their advantages and fits well with their culture of innovation, quality and dependability.