Micropolis is the tallest residential building in Monterrey. It was developed by Orange Investments, a Mexican company with international scope, devoted to the innovation of real estate development. They have patented analysis tools and strict methodologies that allow them to develop different scale projects including mixed-use, multifamily, commercial, and office spaces. Thus far, they have developed over 370 thousand square meters in 9 different projects, and another 650 thousand are under way.




Real Estate




The Development

Micropolis is a mixed-use building of over 73,537 squared meters. It has 124 departments, 27 business premises, and 6,580 squared meters for offices. Additionally, it has common spaces that include a swimming pool, gym, multipurpose room, and four blended lounges.

Micropolis Communication

The objective of the advertising campaign was to attract the target market to Micropolis, and invite them to come and experience life at the tallest building in town.  The concept portrays freshness - an aspirational lifestyle for young adults. We wanted to encourage men and women to live the life they have been working for; one they deserve. The brand voice intends to be that inner voice that empowers the best decisions.

Photography by Idea Cúbica.