G-Global is a customs and logistics agency, with almost 100 years of experience. As pioneers in the logistics industry, they are experts in Foreign Trade at an international level. They build long-term relationships with clients around the world, providing flexible solutions that reduce costs for all industries. G-Global felt like their image no longer reflected their culture of innovation, so they wanted a refresh.








Our Inspiration

We took on the objective of evolving the brand, without getting rid of its essence. The new emblem depicts dynamism and the concept of moving forward, maintaining a bold and solid aesthetic. The arrows speak of exchanging services and connections, and they double as three people, highlighting G-Global’s outstanding customer service and people. The brand’s color palette was inspired in their original colors, with the addition of a bright yellow, which is the accent that makes reference to their innovating culture. 

Brand Personality

The communication strategy for G-Global was inspired by their endless ambition. We used the double G in the name to formulate a style that hints at their history and plays with aspiring words that start with G. Grow, Gain, Get, Generate, Great. The objective is to radiate positiveness and demonstrate scale.