Finsa is an industrial real estate developer in Mexico, founded in 1977. It manages one of the largest portfolios in Latin America with other 23 million square feet leased and under management. They design, build, and operate master-planned developments to support growth of international businesses in Mexico.




Real Estate




Finsa + Firmalt

We collaborated with Finsa in the development of a graphic universe that could contribute to their existing identity. The challenge was to add on to their current logotype by creating a visual language that illustrates their strength and steady improvement. 

The fundamental idea that conceptualized the brand was to recreate Finsa’s solid personality with the adaptability to different contexts.

Branding Concept

The grid was designed with enough flexibility so that the many specs and technicalities of the parks could coexist with pictures and not overwhelm the user. The result is a modular brand, influenced by the industrial parks’ architecture, which facilitates the use of heavy text. 

Brand Personality

When a foreign company is looking to expand into Mexican territory, many industrial parks raise their hands willing to take on the challenge. However, throughout the process, and maybe a little bit too late, they recognize maybe they didn’t have enough capacity or know-how to actually help boost their development. Finsa is their best bet for growth and success.  

The infrastructure and technology implemented within the parks ensure a smooth, continuos operation throughout their 25 locations. They help multinationals grow beyond their barriers, beyond their markets, beyond their expectations.