Cau Cau

Cau Cau is an experimental restaurant born with the dream of delivering the colorful diversity of Peruvian cuisine, with a modern twist. Their food is the result of hundreds of years of cohesion of the numerous ethnic groups that inhabit Peru. They have captured the warm culture and exotic flavors of Peru in their dishes.

Interior Design by Cátedra.




Food and Drinks




Branding Concept

The inspiration behind the brand concept was the fusion between Peruvian and Mexican culture. We took emblematic elements from Peru like the famous Nazca lines, and integrated components of ancient Mexican architecture. The result is a visual language composed of geometric patterns with organic interventions. The mountains, jungles and oceans were our main inspiration for the color palette. The idea was to recreate an atmosphere as rich and diverse as Peru’s ecosystems.

Brand Personality

Because the restaurant has 2 areas - fine dining on the inside and a more casual ambience on the terrace - we had to develop a graphic identity flexible enough to suit both occasions. The logotype varies slightly in configuration (squared on the terrace, rounded on the inside). Brighter colors accompany the casual terrace experience, while the inside is adorned with darker, more sober hues. 

The goal was to create a dining experience worth remembering. Celebrate great cuisine, or as Peruvians say, Buena Jama.