Captail is an online fly shop and travel agency offering premium fly fishing gear for trips around the globe. A company with a passion for quality and durability, all of their products are meticulously tested to guarantee great results. Captail’s personalized journeys provide unique fishing adventures for every type of fishing situation, guiding you in the catch for the best fish out there.








Branding Concept

Captail’s graphic universe was inspired in the stories that are acquired through different adventures. All of their products require copious research, rigorous testing, and constant tinkering for optimum results. Because of this, we needed the brand to rise up to this standard and depict knowledge, but also maintain its adventurous roots. We developed stickers and stamps that represent different voyages and the obtained experience that comes with each new one.

Captail urges explorers everywhere to worry about their preparation for the fishing, not about the flies or the trip. They want fishers everywhere to catch the fish of a lifetime, and keep on collecting adventures! 

Branding Concept

The concept behind the brand was developed around the thrilling experience of catch and release. Fly fishing sport is all about studying your fish, and finding out the right fly for it. Depending on the voyage, the fisher must prepare a bunch of flies that suit the fishes that live there. There is a sustainable ideology behind the sport that requires fishermen to catch and release - the fishes aren’t harmed. The letter “C” in the logotype was built inspired in the hook that grasps the fish. The name Captail comes from the play with words Capture + Tail.