Asenza Capital

Asenza Capital is a venture capitalist based in Monterrey, Mexico specialized in real estate investments, public market, and private equity. Together with their associate developers, they seek to add financial and legal value to each project. Asenza provides solid strategies and networks for growth and development.




Banking / Finance
Real Estate




Our Inspiration

Elevation is what inspired us for the concept, the idea of taking businesses to a higher level. We combined elements of a shield and a hot-air balloon to design a mark that depicts security and altitude. The brand mark is strategically placed in elevated positions within the collateral, mirroring the ascent. 

The brand is all about building trust without intimidating - Asenza wants to see their associates grow. 

Elevating business


Branding elements include a geometric pattern inspired in the brand’s mark. It gives the aesthetic an official feeling, and works harmoniously throughout all communications. 

The typography intends to move away from your ordinary corporation, and offer a warm welcome to all. Green and gold compose the color palette, as a representation of currencies and value. 

“The brand's icon had to convey elevation, so the idea of using a hot air balloon seemed like a given”.

Deborah g. Neaves | Lead designer