Alysée Yin Chen

Alysée Yin Chen is an experimental luxe brand based in Paris. It narrates the story of modern femininity, and integrates Pret-À-Porter styles. Alysée thrives in creating sculptured pieces, with exquisite fabrics, in limited quantities each season. Textiles are carefully curated from Italian, French and Japanese regions. The designer aims to produce Haute Couture luxury crafted with the delicacy of an artisan patissier. Each garment is a masterpiece that has been matured and perfected by the designer.








Delicate Intimacy

Alysée’s collections are inspired in the modern woman, how she coexists with her silouhette and individuality. We wanted to transmit this romanticism throughout the brand, using delicate patterns and elements that evoke a feminine style. 

The color palette is very clean, elegant, with a hint of luxe. We used gold to make reference to a gilded, romantic France. 

Experimental Luxe 

Coexisting Balance

Our branding proposition takes inspiration in the contrast that exists in Alysée. We integrated art to fashion, and developed an experimental luxe approach that reveals the balance between intricate yet ready-to-wear garments.

The pattern is inspired in the details of the stitches used when crafting a piece.