Ala de Tres

Ala de Tres is a casual, grilled wings joint for those who enjoy sports, beer, and good company. Their menu is simple and straight forward - they are known for their spicy wings. Their typical customers are middle-class men who crave a satisfying meal, and want to feel they are getting more bang for their buck. The restaurant offers a relaxed atmosphere, where the main focus is the good food.




Food and Drinks




The Branding Concept

The name Ala de Tres (Wing of Three) is a play on words with Mexican slang, and the technical name of the wing (which consists of three parts). The emblem is an extraction of the hand signal that communicates a well done job, cleverly combined with some elements of the chicken - the crest and head. 

Because wings are a low-margin product, the challenge was to create an identity that was striking enough, yet affordable. The graphic universe was developed taking in account printing costs, therefore most applications have only one or two inks. All illustrations are based on their love for all things spicy and grilled. 

Brand Personality

The brand speaks mostly in puns. We want customers to have a good laugh as a side dish to their wings. The phrases were designed to be relatable and shareable by all. The result is a nonchalant brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously. 

As wing lovers ourselves, it was a joy to work and eat with these guys.