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Future Education Summit, is a dynamic platform to engage with transformative practices shaping the future of education.

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The Brief Future Education Summit, previously known as CIIE, is a dynamic platform where you can engage with the latest trends and transformative practices shaping the future of education.

Initially established in 2006 as the International Conference of Educational Innovation, the event aimed to support trailblazers dedicated to advancing education. Recognizing the ever-evolving needs of our economies and societies, it has become clear that education must continuously adapt. In response, FES is evolving to explore new possibilities and reach broader horizons.

FES, developed by the Institute for the Future of Education at Tecnológico de Monterrey and named in its honor, will build upon the legacy of CIIE. This annual international event will remain a cornerstone for educational innovation, fostering ongoing advancements and propelling the future of education forward.
The Solution FES is all about bringing different perspectives on the future of education together in one event. We see this as a beautiful melting pot of ideas, visions, and opinions that inspire those who attend. These unique perspectives were one of the key things we wanted to highlight in this branding. We wanted to create something innovative, a little bit risky yet still academic.

The brand mark is a representation of the past, present, and future because education is all about looking back, understanding the present, and anticipating the future. With the brand elements, we wanted to create a visual representation of ideas coming and going, growing and sharing.

FES became a fresh brand that not only welcomes fresh ideas and innovation within the event it nurtures but also in itself and the way it is presented to the world. A new beacon in the shaping of the future in education.
Credits Lead Designer: Manuel Llaguno
Project Manager: Elvy Villaescusa
Tags Web Design, Branding, Digital
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