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Monday WIP : Monogram

Playing with symmetry, grids, and empty spaces while designing a new brand.


Monday WIP : Logotypes

Outlining the monogram for a new brand.


Monday WIP : Portfolio Shoot

Finding the perfect angle for Honom Hennés certificates. Soon in our portfolio. Swing by later this week to see the full project.

Branding, Packaging, and Communications by Firmalt.


Friday Fact : February 06

We love sugar. These incredible donuts have just the right amount.


Firmalt in Print : Vivalia

Vivalia is a real estate developer in Mexico specialized in luxurious houses. Their projects are built with only the highest quality in both design and finishes, ensuring they are the best option in the market.

Branding and Communications by Firmalt.


Friday Fact : January 16

Everything goes better with tacos.


Firmalt in Print : Davana

Remember that time we posted our Davana dummies ? Proudly presenting our finished product, hot off the press. These packagings will keep safe various elements hand picked by experts in surprises.

Branding and packaging by Firmalt.


Monday WIP : Thessal

Pantone Color Testing for Thessal collateral.

Thessal elaborates artisanal condiments for gourmet cuisine. Some of these include: rosemary and parsley, ginger, red wined pepper, and sea salt.

Branding, Packaging and Communications by Firmalt.


Firmalt in Print : Amara

Brochure design for Amara, a catering service in Monterrey, Mexico dedicated to the elaboration of desserts, with fresh and natural ingredients. Mixing both traditional and modern cooking techniques, Amara offers a wide variety of mini pies, cakes, confitures, cookies, and even salty appetizers to embellish any event.

Naming, Branding, Packaging & Communications by Firmalt.