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Press to Impress : Las Naciones

Las Naciones was featured in Brand New's Friday Likes no. 105 this past October 31.

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To see Las Naciones project, click on this link:


Monday WIP : Roma23

Prepping for today's portfolio shoot, Roma23.

Roma23 is the perfect place to pamper hands and feet. Based in Monterrey, Mexico, this nail spa has three different locations were all hands are welcome. They take pride in their outstanding service for their multiple treatments, offering a unique experience every time.

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Firmalt in Print : JRA Arquitectos

Portfolio design for JRA Arquitectos, a studio specialized in design and architecture based in Veracruz, México. Key elements of this brand's applications and collateral are die cuts, and embossing, keeping in mind the purity and cleanliness of concrete.

Branding and Communications by Firmalt.


Monday WIP : Davana

Working the dummies for Davana packaging.

Davana is a gift-giving business based in Mexico, whose main purpose is making special occasions unforgettable. Every box is carefully designed to fit a concept or category, such as gifts for a bride, future moms, home decor, beauty, desserts, etc. They contain the perfect mix of surprises for various events - the possibilities are endless!

Branding and packaging by Firmalt.


Featured Press : Galt Energy

BP&O featured Galt Energy business cards among the best of BP&O - Business Cards No.2

Check out the full BP&O post here:

Branding and Communications by Firmalt. Visit the complete Galt Energy project here:


Firmalt In Print : Décima

Information booklet for Décima.

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Monday WIP : Atelan

Behind the scenes with talented photographer Jesy Almaguer and model Mila in Atelan's photoshoot.


Friday Fact: October 10

This is how we do it.

Photoshooting Portfolio.


Firmalt in Print : Spectus

Business cards for Spectus, a company excelling in the development of drones, specialized in aerial photography, video, and mapping.

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