Hydromine is a multinational company that provides and develops renewable energy at large scales. Subsidiaries worldwide provide wind turbines, hydropower, geothermal heat and other resources to cities ranging from New York, USA to Yaoundé, Cameroon. Hydromine is focused on developing large-scale energy projects that cover planning hydropower dams to constructing nuclear plants.








Our Inspiration

Being one of the most well known and successful companies in the energetic field, the idea was to communicate Hydromine's positive values to their customers through our graphic approach. 

The mark directly relates to a never-ending figure that continues its infinite cycle such as renewable energy. The logo has a clever double function that works as an abstraction of the endless cycle of renewable energy and a monogram of letters ‘H’ and ‘M’.  

Generating progress

“Hydromine works internationally, which means the logo had to be strong enough to convey its values across different cultures and language barriers”.

manuel llaguno  | creative director

Brand Elements

The color palette chosen for this brand blends between two hues of blue combined with white surfaces, representing the pureness and natural source of the renewable energy. Its solid neo grotesque typography reflects boldness and professionalism. 
Reflecting the company values and long-term objectives, the logotype contains an arrow pointing up, replacing the dot in the letter “i” in Hydromine.